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A complete collection of Waterford Lismore barware items includes all items for stocking the bar. From whiskey, DOF, martini and brandy glasses to decanters pitchers and box sets, Lismore has wonderful gift and entertaining items. Influenced by the 18th century crystal designs of Waterford founders George and William Penrose, Waterford Crystal designer Miroslav Havel created the Lismore pattern in 1953. Synonymous with luxury and fine living, the Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern has been Waterford's pre-eminent design for 65 years.
The pattern features refined diamond cuts - a signature of early Penrose designs- and a symmetrical series of upward flowing wedge cuts. The clarity of the crystal combined with the refraction of light through the cutting created what the world now treasures - the enduring allure of Lismore. Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal in the United States.
Waterford Crystal

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