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Cashs Ireland, Art Glass Forty Shades of Green, Apple Paperweight
Cashs Ireland, Art Glass Forty Shades of Green, Apple Paperweight
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Size: 3 1/2"
The great English landscape painter John Constable discovered, after many years of study, that when painting green one should use as many hues of it as possible. This observation was self-evident to generations of Irish who had long described their Emerald Isle as being tinted in Forty Shades of Green.

The expression, whose origin is now lost in the mists of time. It is easy to see why this expression has endured, as for many visitors their first glimpse of Ireland flying in low over the western seaboard, is a mosaic of small fields, woodlands and hedgerows each gloriously bedecked in its own shade of green. In wonderment many silently recall that Ireland of the legend really has Forty Shades of Green.

Cashs celebrates the verdant wonders of Ireland with a new collection of Art Glass designed by Terence Mac Sweeney. Each piece is mouth blown and shaped by hand using 100% recycled glass. No two pieces are the same. Terence adds the beautiful colors of Ireland with multi-various swirls of greens echoing the landscape that inspires his work.

Elegant in its simplicity. A symbol of knowledge and intellect this stunning Irish green apple is one of a kind. The perfect paperweight!

Handmade in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. Gift boxed.

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